A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

PLEASE NOTE: if you are trying to run the MacOS version, try installing from the Itch.io app - I don’t have a developer license with Apple and thus cannot officially sign the code. Running through the Itch app apparently works around this issue for some folks.

From Avery Genetti of b.trx studio and Ben Burnes, comes Danmaku Kingdom - a thrilling combination of classic action-RPG and vertical shooter elements, made for Ludum Dare 41's Jam category under the "combine 2 incompatible genres" theme.

This release of the game only contains some of the intended final game's levels and features. We'd like to make a more complete version of this game in the future and will update this page if and when we are able to do so.


On the level select screen, use up/down to select an area, and left/right to select a level within that area. You may also access a shop, which currently only sells health for 50g.



Z - Regular fire

X - Magic shots (requires mana)

C - Change element of magic shot

Arrow keys - move

Using the magic shot will deplete the mana bar, which needs a cooldown and recharge period if depleted. Hitting enemies with the regular shot will gradually refill it.



Art, programming, sfx - b.trx  (Avery Genetti) -   http://btrx.studio

Music - Benjamin Burnes - http://abstractionmusic.com


danmaku_kingdom_osx.zip 29 MB
Danmaku Kingdom_WIN.zip 24 MB